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The Best Google Fonts of 2020

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Approx. 2 minute read.

With Google always rising to the challenge of making a designers job increasingly more difficult by their constant additions to their font library, we take a look at fonts that have caught our attention this year. It was a difficult selection, with the now being 915 Google fonts, but we have chosen a varied list and included a couple of surprises that may shock a few of our readers!

For a little while now, the trend of using Lato, Roboto, Montserrat and Open Sans in web design has become the norm, with these four being some of the most commonly used fonts across the world for both digital and print, we wanted to spice it up a little and show you what we like.


best google fonts of 2019

A font that follows proportions and principles. This gorgeous font can make your body text feel a bit different without being too overwhelming. It was designed for literature and comes with a serif sister version. Coming in 7 weights, the heavier of which accentuate the calligraphic style.

Alegreya Sans SC works exceptionally well with serif titles, particularly Lora and Merriweather and is currently active on 290,000 websites.

best google fonts of 2019

This fantastically balanced and semi-condensed font works exceptionally well for titles and subtitles. It pairs up nicely with a lot of regular web body fonts including Barlow (regular), Roboto and Open Sans.
Currently active on 37,000 websites.

best google fonts of 2019

Chivo Regular is a fantastic selection for body text, working well in long read formats. The power of Chivo Black makes it an excellent choice for predominant titles, headlines and areas of text that demand attention. 

When used for titling, Chivo works well with many other sans-serif web fonts, including Roboto and Lato.  Currently active on 170,000 websites.

best google fonts of 2019

This elaborate font makes for great titles and headings. It comes in a full range of thicknesses, and also a small caps (SC) version. It’s also easily paired up with the majority of sans-serif fonts available through the Google Fonts website including Lato, Montserrat and Raleway.
Currently active on 5million websites.

best google fonts of 2019

Available in 9 weights and providing a stunning example of a geometric sans-serif typeface, Poppins is the 2019 web font of choice for us here at Yellow Moose Design. The font works beautifully across all weights and looks incredible with Oswald or Playfair headers.
Currently active on 4.8million websites.

best google fonts of 2019

Another beautifully shaped sans-serif font. This pairs up with most major sans-serif fonts. Available in 5 weights, it’s as versatile as it is aesthetically pleasing, working very well as a body font or a titling font.
Currently active on 610,000 websites.

best google fonts of 2019

The squarest looking font of our selection. It is a geometric sans-serif typeface that is available in four widths and nine weights, it makes it a very flexible font. 

More often than not used for titling, the font pairs nicely with Montserrat and Raleway. It’s a tricky font to use for body text, with the default settings, but if the kerning is adjusted, this can be made to work. 

Currently active on 14,000 websites.

best google fonts of 2019

We had to throw in a handwritten font for good measure, and a small caps one at that. This lovely font is well balanced, and is useful for the less serious of uses. It is strong enough to use on colour, however it can be a little tiring to read when used in long paragraphs. 

The font only comes in one weight light, which is called regular on
Currently active on 82,000 websites.

We’d love to hear what your favourite Google Fonts are in 2020, so feel free to drop us a message to to let us know your thoughts!

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