Website Design Buckinghamshire

Care Navigators provide expert, independent care advice and support services to help you consider your care and housing options and how to pay for them.

The Brief

Care Navigators approached us with a website that lacked a good user experience as information was difficult to find. The website was rich in content but lacked structure and navigation distracting visitors away from the information they were looking for.

Logo Design

Yellow Moose were tasked with creating a new logo design that encompassed the brand name. The design we created used the ‘C’ and ‘N’ from Care Navigators in a maze-like pattern, alluding to what Care Navigators do – ‘Helping You Through The Care Maze’. As part of the logo design process, we re-envisaged the brand’s whole visual identity with a clean and crisp colour palette.
web design buckinghamshire

Restructuring the Website

Using the new logo and colour palette as a starting point, Yellow Moose fully restructured the website to allow users to reach the areas of the site they need in a more efficient way. The content became easily accessible for people visiting the site and as a whole, created a more positive user experience. Developing the website further, we looked at building the site to be more responsive.