Custom E-commerce Website

Ashby Logs are a nationwide firewood supplier located just outside of Buckingham, near to Milton Keynes. They are a family owned business with its roots dating back to 1984. They approached our team asking for us to create a simple brand and a custom ecommerce website to sell their products from.

Custom E-commerce Website Design

Ashby Logs had worked previously with the Yellow Moose team on a different project, and so approached us for a custom ecommerce website for a new area of their business. Ashby needed this new sales platform to be designed, built and ready for launch quickly as the nature of the business is seasonal.
The project therefore required a quick turnaround from the initial planning right through to completion. There were many complex elements to the custom ecommerce website such as including tax variation and scaled delivery rates based on geographic locations. Within the three-week turnaround time, the Yellow Moose team had to pull out all the stops to deliver this project and meet the client’s needs. Within the three-week deadline, the team was delighted to launch the Ashby website and we instantly started to see the sales come in.

Logo Design

Here at Yellow Moose, the graphic designers get really excited when we meet a brand new business because that means one thing: logo design. A logo is crucially important to a new business because of all the visual aspects of their brand, the logo will be the thing that will represent the business and everything they stand for. A logo really can be a make or break point for a new brand, so the stakes are inevitably always high in this crucial part of the marketing process. For Ashby Logs, the team worked closely alongside with the client to develop a logo which incorporates the business’s name along with the emblems of wood and leaves, representing the natural products, and a flame reflected in the ‘a’ in order to represent the concept of fire. The choice of soft but not pale greens, along with the lowercase font type, gives the impression of nature as well as underpinning the trustworthiness of the brand.
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Yellow Moose are a really friendly bunch and offer honest pricing. We are really happy with our e-commerce website that’s built on WordPress using WooCommerce.
Jen, Ashby Logs
Ashby Logs logo design
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Product Photography

A crucial component of this assignment was product photography; each individual product on the website needed an image associated with its description. Fortunately the Yellow Moose team is privileged to have our very own professional photographer who was able to spend a full day at Ashby taking care of this. Martyn photographed each product and then edited each image to show the products in their best light to aid sales. In our experience, we find that imagery is crucial to the success of any professional web design; product photography can give customers a real flavour for the product they are choosing and will also help returning customers quickly find the same product again for repeat orders. Yellow Moose are really proud to be able to offer product photography along with the build of a custom e-commerce website.