Dental Website Design

Client: The Gallery Dental Group

Sector: Medical

Two practice dental group website design project

The Gallery Dental Group, encompassing two exceptional dental practices in Buckingham, The Gallery Dental and Implant Centre, and Meadow Walk, embarked on a journey to enhance patient care and engagement through cutting-edge web design. With a focus on harmonizing distinct branding while maintaining unity, the practices collaborated with Yellow Moose, a renowned web design agency, to transform their online presence.

Dental Website Design

Project Details

Services: Web Design, Graphic Design, SEO, Web Development
Target: B2C
Lead Time: 3 months
CMS: WordPress

Project Overview

Yellow Moose approached the challenge with a dual objective: to create distinct yet unified branding for each practice. The team artfully crafted The Gallery Dental and Implant Centre’s website with a sophisticated dark theme, mirroring the practice’s artistic ambiance. Meadow Walk’s website embraced a light theme, embodying the clinic’s commitment to patient well-being. Despite these differences, a strategic decision was made to maintain a cohesive thread.

To achieve unity, Yellow Moose ensured consistency in the choice of fonts and the design of the logos. The similar fonts and logos not only conveyed a sense of unity between the practices but also established a visual connection, reinforcing the overarching identity of The Gallery Dental Group.


The Gallery Dental and Implant Centre, synonymous with a creative and welcoming atmosphere, contrasts the traditional clinical setting. Meadow Walk, a bastion of oral health for over three decades, is dedicated to enhancing well-being and confidence through comprehensive dental services. The desire to bridge the gap between exceptional in-person experiences and virtual interactions motivated The Gallery Dental Group to reimagine their websites.


  • Unify the brands
  • Create an engaging website
  • Simplify the appointment booking process
  • Provide new visuals

Web Design

The meticulous approach to branding yielded impressive results. The Gallery Dental and Implant Centre’s website captivated visitors with its elegant and artistic design, effectively translating the practice’s physical ambiance to the digital realm. On the other hand, Meadow Walk’s website exuded a sense of tranquility and well-being, resonating with individuals seeking comprehensive oral health care.

Dark vs Light

The distinct dark and light themes, while visually separate, did not impede user navigation. Instead, they provided a unique and engaging experience for visitors while ensuring a consistent interface that was intuitive for appointment bookings and event registrations.

Multi Branded Web Design

The challenge lay in striking the right balance between distinct branding and visual coherence. Yellow Moose’s collaboration with The Gallery Dental Group was instrumental in achieving this delicate equilibrium. The agency’s ability to infuse creative design elements into each practice’s website while maintaining a common thread highlighted their prowess in digital storytelling.


A unified use of fonts and logos served as a visual bridge between the two practices, ensuring that visitors experienced a seamless transition between The Gallery Dental and Implant Centre and Meadow Walk’s websites.


The successful partnership between Yellow Moose and The Gallery Dental Group resulted in the creation of two distinct yet harmoniously branded websites. The dark theme of The Gallery Dental and Implant Centre’s website and the light theme of Meadow Walk’s website effectively mirrored the unique identities of each practice.

Through the thoughtful selection of fonts and the unified logo design, Yellow Moose brought cohesion to the digital presence of The Gallery Dental Group. The websites not only elevated patient engagement and experience but also set a precedent for innovative web design in the dental industry, demonstrating the power of creativity and strategic design in conveying a brand’s essence.