Digital Marketing Agency

As a busy dental practice in the heart of Buckingham, digital marketing services are a must-have for Meadow Walk Dental Practice and their sister company, The Gallery Dental and Implant Centre. 


Being so local and having worked with the team previously, Yellow Moose seemed the clear choice for these NHS providers to deliver Buckingham marketing services across a range of media. And of course, the Yellow Moose digital marketing agency team were happy to help!

email newsletters

As a well-established dental surgery group, Meadow Walk Dental Practice and their sister company The Gallery Dental and Implant centre wanted to stay in touch with their patients. Having undergone a rebrand, the Yellow Moose team worked with the surgery’s practice manager to create a new email newsletter design that brought relevant and useful information to their patients on a regular basis. The surgery has a strong ethos of corporate social responsibility (or CSR), so as well as updates about staff and news from the dental world, they wanted to share with their clients all the charity events they are involved in.
newsletter design

social media management

As you can imagine, running a thriving dental surgery in a busy market town like Buckingham doesn’t allow much time for managing an engaging an interactive social media platform. However, the surgery were keen to promote themselves and their various offers for private and NHS dental work on social media as well as engaging more with the town’s local community. They were also aware that social media would be a great avenue for promoting their CSR, however had limited resource to do this regularly. This is where social media management from Yellow Moose, who function as their digital marketing agency – came to the rescue. At Yellow Moose, we often find that our clients look for social media marketing companies to supplement an existing, but overwhelming, account that they have already tried to operate themselves. The social media management we offer brings peace of mind, knowing that even in a hectic week there will be guaranteed posts going out that will have been researched, styled and crafted to deliver results. Working with Meadow Walk and The Gallery, we were able to look after the various social media accounts and schedule regular posts on a range of topics to boost the output that the client are able to deliver themselves.

animated graphics

Meadow Walk Dental Practice, having working with the Yellow Moose experts in the past, came to us asking for animations in order to give their patients a visualisation of some of their procedures. Often dental patients are nervous about the work they are about to undergo, and the surgery felt that having animated graphics to demonstrate the work would help to out their minds at ease. Our graphic designers worked with the dental surgeons to develop a series of animated graphics, all in keeping with the surgery’s brand, to show a variety of surgical procedures using hand-drawn graphics and animating them in high quality. These could then be displayed on a tablet in the surgery when patients requested more information. Using Microsoft PowerApps our designers, who are also highly skilled at development, created an easy-to-use app so that the dental team could access the animated graphics on multiple devices.