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S4A are a childcare provider that offer wrap around care for children in primary school as well as holiday camps, and football camps.

Lead time:
3 days
Target type:
Wordpress / WooCommerce

Design a system that simultaneously managed bookings and registers for children booking into a range of activities.

  • Brand refresh
  • Rapid development of a bookings system
  • Creation of automated register population system
  • Purging of sensitive child data

S4A Sports, a locally renowned wraparound childcare provider, came to the Yellow Moose team for help when their existing e-commerce website experienced an unfixable error and they were no longer able to take bookings through their website. As E-commerce web design specialists, Yellow Moose were ready to help!

S4A’s business is reliant on online bookings and payments. The previous developer they had worked with was unable to integrate WooCommerce, the world’s favourite E-commerce extension for WordPress sites. This meant that S4A found themselves losing money by the day as they could no longer take bookings or process online payments. With just three days to find a solution, our dedicated e-commerce web design agency had a fully functioning booking website up and running for S4A. We were so excited and proud to ensure that their much-needed income could continue to come in.

What we did:

Brand Refresh

But we didn’t just stop there? Not only did the team rebuild a whole site from scratch with all the functionality it needed, such as products, bookings, secure transactions and more, we gave the whole brand a refresh at the same time too. All in just three days!


Booking Platform

From their roots as an after school football club just a few years ago, S4A have grown dramatically to become a hugely successful (and really fantastic!) wraparound childcare provider across many schools in north Buckinghamshire. As their company had changed, their brand conveyed on their new e-commerce website was in need of a refresh to reflect the new services that the company now provides.

However, their existing brand was already really strong and well-known to their client base and potential market; our brand refresh also had to be sympathetic to their existing identity. Our design agency were delighted to offer a brand refresh that used their distinct image but gave is a brand new look that was fresh, modern, and more indicative of their company as it is today, as well as where it will be in the future.


Website Development

The website has received continual web development since we built the first rendition back in 2017. One of the problems with the previous sites was the manually process used to create the registers. We solved this by creating a system whereby the registers were generated as the orders were coming in, saving the company employing a member of staff to carry out the work.

Additionally there have been behind the scenes measures to protect the data being transmitted to and from the site to keep in line with GDPR regulations.

education web design
education web design