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TS Electrical is a domestic, commercial and industrial electrical company who have seen exceptional growth since 2020. They contacted Yellow Moose prior to this growth to ensure that they had a website in that would ensure maximum effectiveness of their digital marketing campaigns.

Lead time:
4 weeks
Target type:
B2B / B2C

Attract the right kind of clients

Convey the size of the business


Brand new website

Visuals uses to illustrate desired clientele

Segregation of services


TS Electrical approached us with an all-too-common problem – they were not attracting the right kind of client now that their business had grown. They had moved past wanting to attract clients who needed an extra plug socket fitting in their kitchen. They were now looking to attract commercial and industrial clients who had much more demanding and complex electrical needs.

What we did:

On Brand

Yellow Moose approached the project after having previously worked with the owner of TS Electrical to rebrand. We incorporated elements of the design work across the website to give it a slick look and feel. The site featured high quality imagery that clearly illustrated the kind of clients that TS Electrical worked with. In addition, new colours were added for the core services: Domestic, Commercial and Industrial, to bring these

Compelling Case Studies

The new website was to feature a case study area that demonstrates TS Electrical’s proficiency in handling large jobs. These were crafted in such a way that their in-house team – after a little training – could simply add new case studies when they completed projects. In turn this gave more marketing collateral to share across social media channels and has been used effectively to generate more business.


electrical web design
electrical web design