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Halo Aesthetics

Halo Aesthetics are an established and well respected cosmetic clinic in Milton Keynes offering scientifically based skin and medical aesthetic treatments. They approached our email marketing agency and requested help with their social media management and email marketing.

Adding a human touch

We were delighted when Halo Aesthetics, an established reputable cosmetic clinic asked us to help with their social media management and to function as their email marketing agency. Our team always relish the chance to work with a strong brand and further establish within its field.
Our first step was to acquire some custom imagery, so our photographer visited the clinic and snapped a few pictures for us to start using as we created content. This photography was used to complement the existing pack shots and stock imagery that was already being used in social media, digital marketing and promotional work. It also gave our team the opportunity to have a look around the premises and ask question that would not naturally have occurred over the phone or by email.


We were able to identify two areas that Halo require assistance,  the first of which was to function as their email marketing agency.

Using a combination of custom photography, stock images and pack shots, we put together a fantastic looking email design that has developed over time as Halo’s brand has evolved. We not only take care of the content, but the management of customer contact lists, content creation, distribution and analytics to ensure that each email campaign we run reaches the largest possible audience and gains the highest level of interactions.
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Social Media Photography

Social Media Campaign

Running a social media campaign not only takes time and skill, it also requires a great deal of understanding about the company you are running it for. Learning how Halo wanted to address their clients with the correct language, tone of voice and imagery is crucial.

With the addition of clever tools such as Facebook Pixel and analytics, we are able to monitor the interactions of social media campaigns and optimise the intended audience with analytical data.  


“I have been using Yellow Moose for several years and their professional input has been invaluable. From professional photography to newsletter creation and social media they are an important part of my team. As a growing business their involvement has allowed me to focus on other areas of my business knowing that the marketing is being taken care of.”