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Vertex Systems Engineering (Vertex) is a leading engineering consultancy providing industries with an independent, technically knowledgeable group of safety, systems, and project delivery services with a solid grounding in a range of asset intensive industries, in particular transportation.

Lead time:
6 weeks
Target type:

Communicate the professional, high-quality nature of the company to prospective clients who are using the website to research their services.


Update the site structure, redesigning the page layouts and colour schemes, incorporating SEO best practice, and introducing new, up to date, content.


Get a deep understanding of Vertex’s clients to ensure the content and design presented resonates with their requirements and expectations.

What we did:

Website Design

Redesign individual pages and templates to introduce a consistent layout and appearance across the website, making it more intuitive to navigate and digest information, ultimately enabling a better overall user experience.

We opted for a clean, open, and modern style with the use of high-resolution images to support in communicating a polished professional outward appearance demonstrating Vertex’s high end corporate brands.

User Journeys

Most website designs start by identifying the client’s important users and allowing this to lead the design of the site layout. This method ensures the routes to conversion feel intuitive and organic.

We made sure to identify and understand Vertex’s users to lead the site structure and build in optimised user journeys using strategically placed internal links and call to actions to reduce friction and guide the user to relevant content.

Search index

A specific objective for this project was to resolve issues caused by malicious data injected into the website’s directories. This data added spam URLs to the sitemap which were indexed by Google and appeared in search results.

We resolved this naturally by building a completely new website. As part of this project, we provided new managed hosting introducing high level security features to prevent any kind of malicious intrusion in the future.

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