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NAEC Stoneleigh is not only one of the premier conference venues in the Midlands, NAEC Stoneleigh is now the first port of call for national and international meetings, business forums, and expos.

NAEC Stoneleigh is part of a full-service event management organisation with vast experience of managing events in both the consumer and corporate markets.

Over the last 20 years, they have established businesses across the events spectrum to include the management of an exhibition and conference venue with catering and on-site hotel, large scale event organisation in both the sports consumer and agricultural B2B sectors.

Lead time:
3 weeks
Target type:
B2B / B2C

Bring the existing NAEC website up to a modern standard with a completely new design using updated visual style, designed user journeys, promotion of their event spaces & services, and the ability for exhibitors to book event services.


Custom post types, post templates, archives, and loop templates for:

  • Event spaces
  • Upcoming and past events
  • Suppliers

As with all of our projects we first made sure to full understand the needs of our client and their customers. Understanding their customer allowed us to design user journeys to the most important conversion points as well as removing all our client’s pain points from their previous website and solutions.

What we did:


The project followed the existing brand and colour ways and utilised the video and image libraries that Stoneleigh had accumulated over the years.


We used popular integrations to solve their biggest pain points such as the ability to allow for their customer to book for event services themselves thereby removing a great deal of administration time.

Bespoke Portal

In addition to this project we also developed a bespoke user login portion of the website to provide exhibitors and event organisers a dedicated space to find specific information and services.

exhibition centre web design
exhibition centre web design