Fitness Club Web Design

Intent 2 Improve

Intent 2 Improve are Buckingham’s leading Personal Trainers, and required a bespoke web design. They offer fitness solutions that are tailored to fit their customers’ lifestyles. At the time, they were operating out of The Swan Pool, Richard and the team have since expanded and opened up their own gym in Buckingham town centre.

Modern, Minimal Design Language

The fitness team had a website that need modernising and would integrate with automated marketing software, InfusionSoft to assist in the on-boarding of new clients. They were keen to include new photography and informative testimonials from past and current clients to strengthen their reputability.

Bespoke Website Design

I2I wanted to transform their online presence in order to appeal to people who want to make a real change to their lives and needed help getting started. Yellow Moose team worked together with I2I to conceptualise an informative and user- friendly bespoke web design. The design and structure was made to increase engagement with existing clients and attract new ones too.
bespoke web design

Visual Appeal

We created two new landing pages which were tailored to appeal to female and male audiences by tweaking wording and photography. Our copywriting team went to great lengths to create content that was appealing, engaging and easy to understand without overwhelming visitors with fitness jargon but used welcoming and encouraging messages.

Custom Graphics

As a Buckingham website designer, Yellow Moose worked with Intent 2 Improve to shoot some commercial photography which added to the aesthetics of their  bespoke web design along with custom icons to further illustrate exactly what this fitness team are offering to their clients.