High Performance Computing Web Design

Client: Alces Flight

Sector: Technology

A standout website for a forward-thinking company

Alces Flight is a UK-based company with a strong focus on providing services and software solutions in the fields of High Performance Computing (HPC), Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML), and analytics. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, Alces Flight is well-established.

The company serves a wide range of industries, including simulation, manufacturing, healthcare, energy engineering, media, education, and research. They serve a diverse client base and a capacity to tailor solutions to the specific needs of different sectors.

Alces Flight’s expertise extends to both on-premise and hybrid cloud solutions. This flexibility allows them to cater to various client preferences and requirements.

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Project Details

Services: Web Design, Graphic Design
Target: B2B
Lead Time: 12 weeks
CMS: WordPress

Project Overview

Operating in the high performance computing sector has its challenges. With a lot of their competitors websites portraying a very corporate feel, Alces Flight wanted to instill their company culture and personality into the new design.

Not having a structured user journey on the previous website meant that people got lost trying to find the information they were trying to find. This inevitably led to lost opportunities and revenue. We restructured the user journey, both for existing clients and potential clients by simplifying the user interface and making the site extremely easy to navigate.


  • Previous site did not show the breadth of the services they offered
  • Customers could not find the information easily
  • Brand did not stand out from the crowd


  • Simplified navigation and site structure
  • Bold and innovative design

Design Process

Initial concepts were crafted, serving as a foundation for further development. Alces Flight actively participated in refining these concepts, turning them into flat designs that served as the blueprint for the final website.

The design process involved a series of iterations, a testament to the collaborative nature of the design process. Regular feedback sessions allowed for adjustments, ensuring that the final design not only met but exceeded the expectations of both parties. The iterative approach played a crucial role in fine-tuning details and addressing specific requirements unique to the HPC and cloud solutions industry.

Website Structure and Navigation

Recognising the importance of user experience, Yellow Moose and Alces Flight decided to simplify the site structure. The navigation was carefully crafted to make it easy for visitors to find relevant information swiftly. In an industry known for its complexity, this approach ensures that potential clients can navigate the website seamlessly, accessing crucial details without unnecessary hurdles.

Visual Impact

The resulting website boasts a bold design that stands out in the HPC sector. The visuals not only capture attention but also convey the cutting-edge nature of Alces Flight’s solutions. Vibrant graphics and strategically placed elements guide visitors through the site, creating an immersive experience that aligns with the innovative spirit of the industry.

Emphasising Collaboration

At the heart of the website is a narrative of collaboration. Yellow Moose and Alces Flight worked closely to bring ideas to life, turning concepts into a visually stunning reality. The website showcases this partnership through carefully curated visuals, highlighting the journey from initial ideas to final designs.


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The project was hugely successful, bringing a simplified user experience to a bold design. The increase in website traffic has lead to more of the right type of enquiries being received, meaning less time spent on leads going nowhere, allowing their team to focus on converting high value customers.