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TigerLily Jewellery are a UK-based online jewellery store that specialise in silver and pearl jewellery. The collections are made up of several UK jewellery designers’ items and sold through the website to the public. Each collection is curated, and co-ordinated to reflect current fashion trends and seasons.

Lead time:
3 months
Target type:
Wordpress / WooCommerce

Increase revenue generated from the website


We were approached by TigerLily Jewellery with a request to create a new e-commerce website that gave them control over their website and addressed a number of issues they had experienced previously. This included ensuring the website would load quickly to showcase the range of jewellery available; was mobile enabled to reflect the change in consumer behaviour; integrate with social media platforms, in addition to enabling analytics to track visitors’ journey through the website and use this data to identify possible marketing campaigns.

The key criteria was to showcase the exclusive items enabling visitors to the site to see the range of memorabilia available. Imagery is key to this e-commerce website. The website had to be clean, modern, and easy to navigate. The shopping cart functionality needed to provide a streamlined experience for the user, enabling them to purchase easily, yet securely, and with peace of mind.

The site was built with intelligent categorisation and tagging of products for dynamic page creation, all designed to enhance the user experience. The content is keyword rich, reflecting the bespoke items available.

The key requirement was for the website to be fully responsive and easy to update. It needed to incorporate a Wishlist for customers who were browsing and looking to shortlist their jewellery choices.

What we did:


We started by creating a selection of ‘flat designs’ for the client to choose from, working with the client to illustrate new ideas, whilst adhering to the current branding. From the chosen visual, we worked to build the site incorporating a new look and fresh feel. The client really liked a mix of symmetrical and asymmetrical styles; the high-quality photography provided by the client was incorporated throughout the site.


Due to the nature and range of the products available at TigerLily Jewellery, it was important to incorporate filterable products. Through the creation of custom fields we worked with TigerLily to identify the criteria that shoppers would be most likely to search for and could therefore identify and catalogue items by stone type: pearl, emerald, ruby; the type of metal, price or style.


The next step involved streamlining the customer journey based on the expected traffic to the website. Three target markets were identified, so the site was designed to comfortable browsing, searching for specific items by using filters, or through a visual search listing. The jewellery items were systematically categorised into top level categories and subcategories allowing visitors to easily navigate the site.


In addition to having the website looking great, the client understandably wanted it to perform well in Google search results. Keyword research and a competitor analysis were carried out. The keywords were incorporated throughout the pages in titles and body text. The pages were all prepared with meta titles and descriptions. Alt tags and descriptions were given to images throughout the entire site. The category and tag pages were optimised, and the speed of the site was enhanced by compressing images, using a CDN and minification of scripts.


The website was launched during the lockdown, so face-to-face training was not possible. We produced a series of short bite-sized video clips explaining to the client how to carry out basic tasks. The client was very happy with these, as they can now refer back to these videos as and when required. We also conducted an online website training session to explain the processing of orders, returns and refunds.

jewellery web design
jewellery web design