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Mobile bar website design

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Columbia Events are a start-up company who provide and operate mobile bars for a variety of events including festivals, sporting events, motorsport and pop ups to venues across the UK.

Lead time:
1 month
Target type:

Start receiving new enquiries

  • Fast delivery of project
  • Modern sidebar style menu system
  • Social feed integration
  • Dynamic video content

Columbia Events were a new company who needed a website to demonstrate their mobile bar service. The website was to build on the newly created brand, using the content provided to populate the site. Not all content was complete at the time of commencing the project, so careful consideration was needed to allow space for items that were yet to be written or photographed.

What we did:

Splash Screen

A branded loading screen was created that showed bold words, immediately informing website visitors what the company was about. This displayed while the next section was loading, providing a seamless transition from the loading graphics to website content.

Video Content

The dynamic video used on the homepage is displayed full screen, allowing the website visitors to very quickly understand what Columbia Events provide. The video is captivating and designed to encourage users to find out more by interacting with the following content.

Stylish Sidebar

We designed a slide-out sidebar menu system for desktop users, enabling smooth navigation between pages, while maximising the full height of the screen for the remaining content. This creates a distraction free user-experience allowing the website visitor to naturally explore the site, while consuming and engaging with the content.

mobile bar web design
mobile bar web design