Multi Brand Website Design

Established in 1990, Pitacs is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of heating products and electrical cables in the UK, in addition to supplying over 38 countries worldwide.


The company has a number of websites for different brands within the business. Over the years, the websites became difficult to manage as they were being run on three different content management systems. As staff within the business changed, knowledge of the system and how to use and manage the websites were lost. Pitacs wanted to ensure all of the websites would be easy to manage using the same CRM.  Crucially they also wanted to ensure there were strong design elements to reflect the company’s branding; and that all the sites deliver a great user experience. Approaching Yellow Moose with this challenge, we provided a multi brand web design solution, comprising website redesign, and build, with specific functionality.
Initially we were asked to redesign three websites:,, and  Using the company’s branding the sites had to reflect strong design elements to ensure they are easily recognisable to visitors to the sites. They need to be easy to navigate to provide a great user experience. Importantly they also need to be easy to manage to enable the sites to be kept up-to-date with new products and pricing. Since the initial three multi-brand websites were redesigned, we have redesigned an additional two sites: and, using the same format and end goal.

easy to use

The multi-brand web system was designed and built with two different target markets in mind: 1) Project managers fitting out new houses with very specific requirements, and 2) End users who could browse their items and then locate a stockist near them End users viewing the sites are directed to a product catalogue with very specific search functionality.
web design milton keynes

Product Catalogue

Two of the multi-brand websites (Aeon and Ultraheat) are large catalogue websites. Ease of use to provide a great user experience was forefront when designing these due to a wide range of users. To achieve this a filtering system was implemented which allows people to search for certain radiators with specific variables.

easy to manage

The websites have to be easy to manage the product updates, which include pricing updates, and the addition of new ranges. A backend system was created, whereby Pitacs are able to manage the updates easily through CSV file imports. Filtering of these products is key, and this is achieved by the addition of multiple attributes.
web design milton keynes
web design milton keynes

single product pages

Each product range has multiple options and additional features, so it is crucial to ensure these are showcased and fully searchable. The site needs to show a list of the product options, and any additional ads on available. All achieved whilst ensuring ease of use was paramount. The product tables show all technical specifications of each radiator within a range.

trade area

This section of the website is not visible to the public. The brief on this part of the project was to create two tiers for different types of customer. A bespoke system was created, showing promotions available to the relevant tier of customer. This section of the website has the ability for customers to download price lists, technical info, and catalogues. There is also the functionality to directly contact Account Managers for any queries and questions.
web design milton keynes


Training has been provided in the form of a face-to-face session, and video tutorials. The video tutorials provide an accessible user guide, which can be referred back to when updates to the websites are required. Useful for when the team at Pitacs need to import CSVs, or update their product catalogues.
web design milton keynes


The main benefit of a multi-brand web system is that there is one system to manage all of the sites. This ensures that staff are able to maintain and update all of the Pitacs websites easily.