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Events Through a Lens are an equestrian production company whose expertise lies within creating strong social content. They offer a range of content creation solutions for the equine sector including photography, video, drone work, timelapses and long format video as well as providing camera lessons and workshops.

Lead time:
2 weeks
Target type:

Events Through a Lens needed a new and improved website to present their brand with the high quality and professional image that they need represent. With video production being their main service, presenting showreel videos was a big part of this project.

The website needed to provide information about their video production services, after sales and support packages. They also needed a way for prospective customers to easily get in touch and enquire about the services they offer.


It made sense that a company producing high quality, impactful video had a website that was impactful in and of itself.  As content producers design was a big part of this project.

We made sure that there was plenty of website real estate dedicated to presenting examples of their video production by embedding video players to auto play relevant content.

Clear and considered user journeys were designed into the layout of the website to encourage users to find appropriate content and led to conversion points.


We worked closely with the client to make sure the design represented their personality to attract their target customer.

The look and the tone of voice of the content was one of the main driving forces in arriving at the final product; a polished, striking website that gets users excited about finding out more and ultimately working with them.

What we did:

media production web design