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Oakpark are a household name in North Buckinghamshire, but when they approached Yellow Moose’s Buckingham web design experts, they were in desperate need of a Buckingham web design company to deliver a modern and informative website to prevent them from falling behind the times.

Buckingham Website Design

Operating since 1985, The Oakpark Group specialise in the design, supply, installation, servicing and maintenance of all aspects of security and fire alarms, home control, renewable energy and networking.  As the group branched out into new areas and opportunities it was important for them to establish a strong online presence in order the keep existing and new customers aware of the products and services they could offer. The Yellow Moose team, a Buckingham web design collective, set to work


The group had an old website in urgent need of modernisation; they wanted to transform their online presence in order to appeal to both their existing trade and their growing consumer market. As their Buckingham web design team of choice, the Yellow Moose team worked together with Oakpark to build an intuitive and user- friendly website. The design and content structure was made in such a way as to increase engagement with existing audiences and attract new users too.
Web Design Buckingham - Oakpark iPad
Oakpark Group

Brochure Design

The sales team at Oakpark were keen to have a printed brochure to hand to potential customers outlining their services and products. However, because of the flexible nature of the business they were anxious that committing anything to print would be too rigid. As well as delivering web design solutions, Oakpark knew that Yellow Moose could also bring great marketing and graphic design solutions.

Instead of having a bound brochure where all the content was fixed, we designed and delivered bespoke A4 presentation folders with a series of loose inserts relating to their different services. Each insert was individually printed and tied in with the colours and branding of their new website. This meant that if a service or product changed, that insert could simply be removed, amended and reprinted without the need to throw the whole brochure away and start again. It also gave a greater flexibility in the content they were able to put into each insert, knowing that they didn’t have to be excessively sparing on the details.


“An excellent team who I can highly recommended. They take the time to listen to your specific requirements while using their experience to produce high quality websites. Communication is also excellent ensuring that we were kept up to date through the whole website construction, .”