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They had an existing website, however the styling was outdated, the content was merely informative with no real user-engagement and very low search engine ranking performance. They searched for web design services in London but found that the our team, although not based inside London, were the best team for the job.

Web Design Services in London

Pre-Heat Engineering have been manufacturing world-renowned heating equipment for over 60 years. With a well-established market they were keen to explore new avenues for business growth and areas in which they might be able to market more effectively.

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With such a niche product in a very specific industry, the Yellow Moose team had to stay very true to the science and facts behind the product whilst giving it a distinctive marketing finesse to engage new potential buyers. The most important elements for us in the building the site was to ensure that the site was more considerate to the user journey, thinking carefully about how site visitors would find the information they were looking for quickly and with ease.

The new website we created had a bold and confident brand with lots of use of icons. The company are very proud of the British heritage of their business, so this formed the basis of the colour palette we chose. We developed custom graphics for them to use, and incorporated elements of e-commerce to advertise products, but without the ability to purchase as all their prices are on request.

Pre-heat were really pleased with the finished result, and have already started to see the benefits. And by staying well within their budget, they’re really glad they chose Yellow Moose over other web design services in London!
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One of the key aspects to the rebuild of the Pre-Heat Engineering Ltd. website was the importance of SEO (search engine optimisation). Their previous site scored poorly in search results, so it was crucial for us to make their new site perform better. This meant doing a lot of work to ensure that the site was fully optimised for search engines. We included lots of metadata and key work optimising to the site, and performed some technical wizardry to ensure that they would get more organic traffic as a result of our SEO efforts.


“The team did a great job bringing a fresh, clean style to our website”