Social Media Management

Today’s digital consumer culture is always hungry for more. An organisation’s social media presence, from the platform you choose to the frequency of your posts and the content of the posts themselves, can be make or break.

social media management

Let’s get sociable…

Nobody wants to look like a dad at a disco, but sadly failing to engage with your customers on social media in an effective way can leave you looking just like this.

We understand that many business owners and marketing managers feel overwhelmed by the prospect of social media engagement. That’s why the Yellow Moose copywriting team are on hand to look after your social media channels, by running cohesive campaigns to boost customer engagement.

Which social media site should you be on? Who is likely to see your posts anyway? Should you be boosting posts to maximise their effectiveness? Our expertise allows us to advise you on which channel is right for you, how often you should be posting and the most appropriate style of content. With extensive research and regular engagement with you and your business we will create bespoke unique posts to take away the fear that social media can induce.

We work with a range of professional service providers, public bodies, not-for-profits and SMEs of all shapes and sizes in a wide range of sectors. Whether you’re looking to direct more engaged traffic to your website or simply take control of your social presence, let Yellow Moose shout about your business when you don’t have the time, expertise or resource to do so!

Why bother with social media?


Facebook alone has over 1.5 billion unique users – that’s a fifth of the planet’s population - it’s therefore an undeniably vital platform for engaging with a wide audience.


Whether you have an active social media presence or not, chances are your customers are still on social media talking about you. So take back control and own what is said about your organisation.


Whether you’re a customer-facing organization, a B2B supplier, or a not-for-profit, social media is a vital channel to speak directly to wide or specific demographics and deliver your key message.


All of our campaigns for social media include an in-depth analysis of which platforms will best engage with your audience and drive more traffic to your website or encourage them to get in touch.


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