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Highly efficient to grow your sales

If you’re looking to expand to an online store, a well designed ecommerce store can help you sell online to your customers easily and effectively.

Why hire us as your ecommerce webdesign agency?

From clothing to accessories, widgets to gadgets, books to collector’s items an e-commerce website can ensure your shop front is open 24 hours a day. As more companies and small businesses make the move into online retail, we offer e-commerce solutions to a range of business models that sell goods and services online.

With a bespoke website design from Yellow Moose, you can rest assured that your website is tailor-made to reflect your business, with specific product pages to showcase your goods and sell products online. The website design will reflect your brand and any corporate guidelines or colours.

With a vast knowledge in the industry, we can help you choose an e-commerce platform that will provide a well designed and highly functional store.

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Our ecommerce design agency have recently finished the following projects

Yellow Moose developed a very professional ecommerce website for my business. The site was completed in very good time, I was consulted at all times about my needs and any changes I wanted were managed very well and in a timely manner. I would recommend Yellow Moose without hesitation for web development and look forward to on going SEO development and support..

Bespoke E-commerce Solutions

Whether the aim for your e-commerce site is to increase sales, channel a promotion to a landing page, or simply showcase your products with the option to buy, we’ll work with you to ensure your bespoke e-commerce website is designed to meet your specific requirements. 

What’s more, an online store that is designed to be user friendly, mobile enabled, and responsive, acts as the perfect way to showcase your products to your customers. The result? Your customers can browse and buy when it’s convenient for them, providing a streamlined buying process to take online payments, and customised user experience.

And it’s not going to break the bank either. View our web design pricing page for starting prices.

S4A Ecommerce Web Designer


Bespoke functionality will enable your site to function as you wish. Your content management system website can be built based upon the number of products you have, taking into account the complexity of the order process, and integration with stock management systems.

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Easily Market Your Products

From a digital marketing perspective, a well-designed e-commerce website can be configured to address customer acquisition with dropped basket reminders. A customer login area ensures your customers are able to view past orders, track delivery and download invoices easily.

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Get Discovered

While building an ecommerce business, it’s important to enhance your online store using search engine optimisation (SEO). Your individual product pages can be optimised, and product images can help showcase your goods to your customers. What’s more, we can build in the ability to bring your products into social media channels.

A personal service which has helped evolve our business further than we could have imagined. Yellow Moose have given us the tools to run our website efficiently whilst always being on hand when we want to progress. I can't recommend highly enough.

Matt, S4A

Striking 360 Product Photography

With stunning photography your products can sell themselves. As well as offering regular product photography, here at Yellow Moose we can provide interactive 360 degree product imagery, enabling your customers to see your products from every angle. 

A real enhancement to any ecommerce website design looking to promote specific products

360 product photography


Our ecommerce web design agency will provide assistance along each step of the journey, through initial concept sketeches to function implementation.

Whether your customers are likely to be buying a one off item; receiving a discount on shipping for multiple items, or require a custom solution depending upon the cost or weight of the items they are buying; we will ensure your finished bespoke online store meets your brief. No matter how complex your shipping and delivery solutions may be.

With a choice of transaction payment options available including credit card, and PayPal, we’ll discuss with you the options best suited to meet your needs, and provide the best user experience for your customers.

Payment Options

Choose an effective payment method for your customers to use

Discount Codes

Create custom discount codes based on a variety of factors.

Shipping Calculations

Calculate shipping costs based on size and weight of items

Online Reservations

Manage online bookings and reservations with a fully customised solution

WooCommerce Website Design

A popular choice of content management system to build an e-commerce website is using WordPress. The most popular plugin to pair with WordPress to provide e-commerce functionality is WooCommerce. With an abundance of features available, it’s easy to see why it’s the world’s number one option.

WooCommerce development allows specific requirements to be coded in to the site, while having the stable functionality of the open source platform supporting your site.

Our designers and developers can work with you to choose a platform and advise on how to get the best functionality required from your online store, or food ordering platform.

e-commerce website design

Looking for an e-commerce website design company to build your online store?

Look no further – simply get in touch today for a web design quote, or call 01280 734176.

We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

And we don't stop there...

After your e-commerce site is complete, a member of our support team will sit down and run through the operations and basic maintenance of your online store. We will teach you how to add and modify products and services as well as how to process orders. If you get stuck then we try and go a step further with all our customer service requests and are always on call to help you through any difficulties. 

As new technologies become available or as additional functionality is required from the website, we can provide custom development work as the need arises.

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Working with the team at Yellow Moose has been a real pleasure. I had limited knowledge of SEO and my ecommerce website was lacking in traffic. Within just a couple of months we had built the site on a new platform and implemented multiple SEO strategies on my site and the traffic has almost doubled. I feel I can ask any question and an honest answer is always given. I would thoroughly recommend Yellow Moose, a great team that has delivered a great service.

Louise, Fox Paperworks


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