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We work across all sectors, however we are particularly in-tune with the wholesale and retail sectors, providing bespoke product catalogues, handling complex shipping requirements and providing deep-dive analytical reports.

We have clients across the UK, in the US and other European countries. We have also white-labelled for a selection of Asian businesses.

In the UK, we have a strong active presence in the following regions:

No, our team are more than equipped to deal with the range of services we offer. With our full team being based in the UK, we are able to collaborate directly with our clients to provide the level of service they require.
We have an extensive portfolio and currently host well over 100 sites for our clients. Please have a look at the ‘Our Work’ page for recent case studies and examples.
Yellow Moose was formed in 2018, however our parent company has been in existence since 2001.
No – we have worked with a large range of businesses in various sectors designing a variety of e-commerce, product catalogues and brochure websites along the way.
We offer web design, multi brand web design, e-commerce web design, technical SEO, graphic design and managed web hosting as our core services.
No, we consider projects of all sizes and budgets.
When you commence a project, you will be assigned an account manager. This person will be your primary point of contact throughout the project.


It very much depends on the complexity of the website and the readiness of the content. We can make smaller, simpler sites in a week, whereas large, more complex sites may take some months.
Yes, we design all our websites to ensure that they are mobile-friendly, allowing users to browse from their devices with ease.
Yes, our team follows the latest SEO techniques to ensure that your website ranks highly in search engine results. For more details on SEO as a service please visit our SEO page.
Yes, once your website is complete, you own it, and you can do whatever you want with it.
Yes, we offer full training and support services to ensure that you can maintain your website easily. You won’t require any technical expertise.
Yes, we provide website hosting services. Our website hosting solutions are reliable, affordable, and secure.
No, we built all our websites in the UK with our highly experienced and creative team in house.
Before building a website, it is essential to define your business goals and target audience. We also require content such as text, images, videos, branding guidelines and ideas for graphics to create a website tailored to your needs.
Our pricing varies depending on the project size and complexity. We provide affordable and flexible pricing options, ensuring that we can match the needs of every client.


Our managed web hosting includes telephone and email support, as well as routine maintenance and technical updates to keep your site running smoothly.
To get started on your e-commerce journey with Yellow Moose, we recommend preparing key elements that will contribute to a successful online store launch. Prioritize the gathering of high-quality product images, shipping requirements, comprehensive product data, and branding documentation. These essential preparations will ensure that your customers are captivated by stunning visuals, have seamless shipping options, find accurate product information, and experience a cohesive brand presence.
The timeline varies greatly depending on complexity and content acquisition but typically ranges from 6 to 12 weeks.

Absolutely! We prioritize a mobile-first approach to ensure that your store is fully responsive and optimised for mobile devices.

We work with WooCommerce (WordPress) and Shopify, two highly reputable and user-friendly platforms.
Prices start from £4,000, depending on the complexity and customisation required for your specific needs.
Yes, we make it easy for you to import your existing product catalogue. We provide a template to populate, ensuring a smooth data importation process.
We offer bespoke solutions and integrations to address your unique shipping needs. Our experienced team excels at finding solutions for intricate shipping challenges.
Absolutely! We provide full training on product management, stock control, price adjustments, and promotions.
We use any major payment provider on your ecommerce website, but we recommend Stripe for its low fees, as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Graphic Design

Yes, we’re always happy to see how we can help directly, or refer you to someone within our network to look after you.
Yes, we have created numerous logos over the years. Sometimes this may be an alternative logo in a different format, or reworking your core branding message and visual identity from the begining.
The short answer is yes, but it’s subject to fair usage. We’ve got a pretty streamlined process that’s worked well with existing clients, so as long as we’re not on revision 28 of an arrow icon, we’ll all be happy!
No, we quote by the job. We will indicate a fair number of revisions when we quote for the project.
We can provide almost all forms of graphic design work, from full rebrand projects to bespoke animated icons across both print and web formats.

Managed Web Hosting

Absolutely! Our hosting solutions are flexible and scalable, allowing your site to handle significant traffic increases. Share your expected traffic spikes with us, and we will guide you through the necessary steps to ensure seamless performance.
Subject to fair usage policies, we do not place caps on bandwidth or data usage. You can expect unrestricted access and smooth performance.
All our servers are based in the UK, ensuring reliable and compliant hosting services.
We take periodic images of the server, as well as local and remote backups. Should you desire, we can configure backups to be sent directly to you.
The cost of managed hosting depends on factors such as web traffic and storage space requirements. Each site is unique, and we tailor our pricing to meet your specific needs.
At Yellow Moose, fully managed hosting means that we take care of everything so that your website is secure, up to date, and always accessible.

Technical SEO

No, we cannot guarantee specific placement on search engine result pages. There are numerous factors involved in Google’s algorithm, and competitor activity also influences results
Results can vary significantly, but we recommend allowing at least three months for Google to recrawl your website, its competitors, and create a new index that reflects the changes made.
Yes, technical SEO can be complex, involving various aspects such as performance optimisation, page rendering issues, data structure, and more. It requires expertise to overcome these challenges effectively.
Technical SEO does not involve backlink building, social media optimisation, pay-per-click advertising, or content optimization. It focuses solely on improving the technical aspects of your website.
Google crawls websites to understand how they perform compared to others. Technical SEO demonstrates the proficiency of your website, including performance, load speed, and other important factors.
Technical SEO focuses on improving the technical aspects of your website to increase page rankings in search engine result pages (SERPs).

Multi Brand Web Design

Yes, by linking your brand websites within one CMS, you can easily integrate cross-brand promotions, share resources, and maximize the impact of your marketing efforts.
Absolutely! With our multi-brand website design service, we prioritize a unified experience, ensuring a seamless journey for your visitors across your brand websites.
Yes, our multi-brand website design service ensures that each brand’s website reflects its unique identity, with custom designs tailored to each brand’s needs.
A multi-brand website design allows you to maintain brand consistency, deliver a unified experience, and streamline operations by managing all your brand websites from a single content management system (CMS).
Multi-brand website design refers to the process of creating and managing multiple websites for distinct brands under one company.