Will my store be optimised for mobile? 

Absolutely! We prioritize a mobile-first approach to ensure that your store is fully responsive and optimised for mobile devices.

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More FAQS about E-commerce

Our managed web hosting includes telephone and email support, as well as routine maintenance and technical updates to keep your site running smoothly.
To get started on your e-commerce journey with Yellow Moose, we recommend preparing key elements that will contribute to a successful online store launch. Prioritize the gathering of high-quality product images, shipping requirements, comprehensive product data, and branding documentation. These essential preparations will ensure that your customers are captivated by stunning visuals, have seamless shipping options, find accurate product information, and experience a cohesive brand presence.
The timeline varies greatly depending on complexity and content acquisition but typically ranges from 6 to 12 weeks.
We work with WooCommerce (WordPress) and Shopify, two highly reputable and user-friendly platforms.
Prices start from £4,000, depending on the complexity and customisation required for your specific needs.
Yes, we make it easy for you to import your existing product catalogue. We provide a template to populate, ensuring a smooth data importation process.
We offer bespoke solutions and integrations to address your unique shipping needs. Our experienced team excels at finding solutions for intricate shipping challenges.
Absolutely! We provide full training on product management, stock control, price adjustments, and promotions.
We use any major payment provider on your ecommerce website, but we recommend Stripe for its low fees, as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay.