Restaurant Takeaway Website Design
Deliver food to your customers at home

We will get your restaurant online and selling the food that you make within a few days.

Starting from only £900.

Design Me A Takeaway Website!

With thousands of food establishments across the country struggling to keep in business at this time, we are offering an affordable solution to allow your customers to continue ordering their favourite food.

The websites we make are all designed to allow easy management: 

  • Control out of stock items
  • Upload new menu items
  • Change your pricing
  • Update the imagery
  • Edit your order reciving hours
  • Create discount codes and promotions
  • Limit delivery area by postcode

As time is of the essence and businesses in the food sector need this service fast, we are trying to push live all websites within 48 hours of commencing the build.

Restaurant takeaway website design

How do we build a takeaway restaurant web site?

menu design

1. Send Us Your

We need to create all of the food items, so we will need menu item names, descriptions, addons, prices and images.


2. Setup a Payment Portal

We will provide you with an easy guide to set up Stripe, which we will then configure on the site to take payments.

Restaurant takeaway website design

3. We Build YOUR Website

With the information given, we can build the website – usually within 48 hours.

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4. Start Taking

Once the site is launched, you are ready to start taking orders and making money.

Yellow Moose are a really friendly bunch and offer honest pricing. We are really happy with our e-commerce website that's built on WordPress using WooCommerce.

Jennifer, Ashby Logs

Why did we do this?

The idea grew from three key concerns:

  1. During COVID-19 we are going to miss eating the food we love from our local restaurants.
  2. Having called three times I was unable to order food from my favourite pizza restaurant because the phones were constantly engaged.
  3. After going to collect food from the local Indian restaurant, I saw five employees passing mobile phones around trying to take orders.
  4. Very few restaurants have website equipped with the capability to launch a takeaway service.

We decided to take action to ensure that these places we loved to go to were able to remain open during this challenging time.

buckingham food photography
Food Photography by Photography MK


We’ve got the bulk of the work covered, in the build, but there are additional features that we can build in as well:

Payment Options

Choose an effective payment method for your customers to use

Discount Codes

Create custom discount codes based on a variety of factors.

Delivery Zone

Control the delivery areas that your drivers will drop off to.

Looking for a restaurant website design company to build your takeaway platform?

Look no further, simply get in touch  today for a web design quote, or call 01280 734176.
We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Ready to launch?

Your regular clients will be delighted that you are back and able to take multiple orders in one go, but how are you going to tell them about this?

We are offering social media content creation, newsletter emails and pay per click advertising as bolt on services to this offer.

Having worked with several businesses within the food sector, we will be able to advise and plan for the launch by creating graphics and marketing collateral to help launch your online takeaway website with a bang.

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Working with the team at Yellow Moose has been a real pleasure. I had limited knowledge of SEO and my ecommerce website was lacking in traffic. Within just a couple of months we had built the site on a new platform and implemented multiple SEO strategies on my site and the traffic has almost doubled. I feel I can ask any question and an honest answer is always given. I would thoroughly recommend Yellow Moose, a great team that has delivered a great service.

Louise, Fox Paperworks

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