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A visual approach to logo design and development, created for your business, whatever your business sector.

Company Logo Design

We have pleased to have provided company logo designs to dentists, restaurants, accountants, events companies, photographers, retailers and more. Our portfolio consists of visual identity work, modernising logos and creating fluid logos. We carry out all types of logo modifications, from tweaks of existing designs to full brand conceptualisation and delivery. We are now pleased to offer our 33 Logo Design Package for 2020!
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Stylish, clean and modern branding

In this digital age where websites, news feeds, and product pages are vying for our attention, your logo needs to stand out.

We approach logo design with an eye for detail, keeping in mind your product or service, but also with a minimalist mind-set. The benefit of this is that we can visualise how your logo will work across a plethora of communications, from a website and social media channels, to print, letterhead, livery, or exterior signage. Balance, fonts, colour, and style are considered helping the logo design to come together to build your brand.


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Sketch by Step

As an experienced graphic design company, we approach the initial stage of brand logo design with pen (or pencil!) and paper. This enables the creative element to flow from the designer, without being driven by any restrictions from a design package.

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Wireframing Logos

Once the initial logo has been drafted by hand, we follow a wireframing process where tweaks are considered, and implement, and created with a bespoke package. This is where the logo begins to come to life.



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Rendering a complete logo

The final step in the process is producing a fully rendered logo, in vector format which can then be scaled for use, from business cards to building signage. Our team of graphic designers will ensure it looks perfect for whatever location you need it.

Fluid logo

There may be an occasion where you’ll need to make tweaks or adaptations to your logo to fit a specific purpose; logo use may vary from traditional print i.e. letterhead or brochures to digital i.e. websites and blogs. Do you need an avatar? Icons for social media? Building facia?

You wouldn’t stretch your favourite clothing, so why stretch your logo? If your current logo has great brand recognition, but you’re unable to make it fit due to dimension restrictions for e.g. social media, don’t just stretch it or crop it; it will become distorted. We can repurpose your existing logo with the specific use in mind, paying particular attention to dimensions and scaling, whilst keeping your brand identity.

Low quality existing logo?

If the only version of your current logo is low quality, or you no longer have an original file, we can re-vector the logo for you.

Don’t worry if you don’t know the pantone, we can colour match and provide this for you. You’ll receive a hi-resolution vectored file of your logo design; with the logo also supplied as a jpeg or png if required.

logo redesign
logo design

Branding guidelines

Is it time for your business to be consistent across all forms of communication?

Do you have a corporate font; what’s your back up font? Do you have a pantone colour, and equivalent RGB breakdown? How much space should surround your brand logo? What is the minimal size your business logo could go whilst still being legible? Can the logo be used black and white? Should it always appear on a solid background colour? All this and more come together to create your branding, or corporate, guidelines. With specific, defined guidelines in place you can be confident in consistent branding across all parts of your business.

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