Electrical Company Website Design

Client: TS Electrical

Sector: Electrical, Engineering, Industrial

Helping TS Electrical attract higher value clients

Yellow Moose embarked on a revitalizing journey with TS Electrical, a company experiencing dynamic growth in the commercial and industrial electrical sectors. The brand was ready to evolve, seeking to attract higher-profile clientele rather than small domestic projects. With a target audience of both businesses and individual consumers in mind, we executed a complete website overhaul. This overhaul featured a curated design, showcasing the company’s expanded operations and attracting the desired customer base. Our objectives were clear: to creatively highlight the company’s growth and convey its increased capacity to handle complex electrical projects.

We achieved this by infusing the website with nuanced branding and high-quality imagery reflective of TS Electrical’s esteemed client relationships. Additionally, a segregated service section on the website clearly distinguished their offerings, enabling potential clients to find tailored solutions effortlessly. To illustrate the company’s expertise, we developed a compelling case study section, enabling the easy addition of new projects to the site—turning successful projects into powerful marketing tools on social media and beyond. This strategic approach allowed TS so showcase its full spectrum of capabilities and reach for greater business horizons.