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Should I shorten my links?

In today’s digital age, sharing links is an essential part of communication. Whether you’re sending a link to a friend or sharing a post on social media, the length of the URL can make all the difference in how many people engage with it. This is where link shortening comes into play.

A recent study conducted by Rebrandly found that shortened URLs can fetch up to 39% more clicks as compared with traditional URLs. This is because shorter URLs are more visually appealing, easier to share, and take up less space.

Link shortening services like Bitly and TinyURL can help you create shorter, more clickable links that are perfect for sharing on social media, email, or even in print. These services not only shorten the link, but also allow you to track clicks and see how many people are engaging with your content.

Shortened URLs are also great for branding. By using a custom domain name, you can create branded links that reinforce your company’s name and message. This can help increase brand awareness and make your links more recognizable to your audience.

In conclusion, link shortening is a simple yet effective way to increase engagement with your content. Whether you’re sharing links on social media, email, or in print, shortened URLs can make all the difference in getting people to click and engage with your content. So next time you share a link, consider using a link shortening service to maximize your reach and engagement.