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Your design is a reflection of your business.

Graphic Design Milton Keynes

Whether it’s how you’ve designed your website, your brochures or your product’s packaging design, it’s the first thing people see. And you know what they say: First impressions count.

At Yellow Moose, we have a team of UK based graphic designers in Buckinghamshire, just outside Milton Keynes that will use high impact design to create an array of impressive marketing materials for your business, allowing your target audience to understand what you do and to recognise you time and time again.

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What do Yellow Moose's graphic designers create?

Whether your business is big or small, located in San Francisco, Milton Keynes or London; our team of graphic designers can help create high quality, impactful design across a range of channels.   

asha logo design

Logo Design

Your company logo design tells a lot more than just who you. It carries the identity of your brand, your ethos and philosophies. A great logo design allows people to easily recall who you are and what you doing, and more importantly – what you stand for.
on targett events branding pack

Business Stationery

Business cards, letterheads, presentation folders and envelopes are all powerful marketing tools. Providing the best graphic design services, means that we’ll make sure your business stationery creates a professional first impression enhancing your brand identity.
Prospectus Design

Brochures & Flyers

Well-designed marketing collateral is a great way of promoting a professional image to your customers. We can design for any sort of printed materials from brochure design to flyers to posters and banners.
online catalogue store design

Web and Mobile Design

User experience (UX) is top of the list for Google these days so it’s important the design across your online channels has UX in mind. Throughout the design process we’ll ensure your web and mobile design is not only visually stunning but responsive and accessible.


Stand out. Be a zebra amongst horses!

The only sure-fire thing in business nowadays is that there’s competition which means it’s more important than ever to stand out from the crowd.

Carefully considered design can do just that. Design translates your uniqueness into the look and feel of your business, meaning you can capture your audience’s attention and leave an imprint on their memory.

Connect with your audience

Design is your visual connection with your audience. It can tell your customers what you do and who you are, allowing them to identify and resonate with your business. If you can establish that rapport, your customers are much more likely to get in touch with you.

Plus, it plays a huge role in how people perceive you so using quality and well-thought-out design is a must.



Consistency is key

Building a memorable brand amongst your customers is crucial. Your customers need to have the same experience across all of your business’s touchpoints so the design across your website and social media should feel similar to your offline channels such as brochures, stationery and packaging.

Consistency in branding gives a professional image. And this gives your business credibility and trust.  

What do Yellow Moose do that is so special?

We’ll get to know you and your brand, listen to your brief and ideas and our UK based
designers craft visuals unique to your organisation

All assets are supplied so that they’re fit for purpose across a wide range of marketing channels from letterheads to large print banners and social media. Our graphic design team consider all possible scenarios so that files are supplied exactly as you need; whether that’s for printing, on screen or even for a cake!

We don’t have a big long list of design awards that large design firms have, but we do have a passion and confidence that make our creative agency unique, fun and beneficial to work with. We have a variety of clients located across the heart of the UK, from Buckingham to Milton Keynes and beyond.