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Managed Web Hosting

Our fully managed hosting service which not only ensures reliability and speed for your website, but also includes regular backups and updates for your website.

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Managed Web Hosting

Why managed hosting?

We proactively monitor and update all of our websites, including core files and plugins as well as working to resolve any issues that may arise, often before you discover them. 

We take regular site backups and store these securely off site. We can arrange for a copy of the backups to be sent to you if you wish.  

Websites are hosted in a secure environment, with unlimited disk space (subject to fair usage) and no cap on the bandwidth.  

Our hosting fee includes ongoing maintenance of website CMS (e.g. WordPress) and its plugins, meaning you know what you pay without any hidden extras.

We also include SSL certificates for encrypted site traffic as standard.

Blazing fast

The average website visit is less than 3 seconds. Slow sites don't convert.

Secure environment

Your website will be hosted in an ISO-certified, tier 3 data centre.

Unlimited disk space

We don't limit your disk usage, allowing a flexible system that grows as your website develops. *

No cap on bandwidth

There are no caps on the amount of data transferred to and from your website. *

SSL certificate

An SSL certificate is a must in 2022 and we throw ours in as part of our managed hosting package.

Proactive monitoring

Ensuring maximum uptime and performance is critical to businesses now, more than ever.

Frequent updates

We ensure that your website's CMS and core plugins are kept on the latest version.

Off-site backups

Regular scheduled backups, both onsite and offsite are taken as precauction.


WordPress is the most popular content management system, with a staggering 39.5% of all internet sites using it.

We are highly experienced in providing managed hosting for WordPress websites, currently providing managed hosting to clients across a broad range of industries, with varying traffic and storage requirements.

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Want more?

As well as direct access to our UK based team who are able to provide technical support.  

We offer website retainer packages to all WordPress sites that we host to keep the content of your site fresh, and to allow your website to grow with your business.  

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Managed Web Hosting