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Silver Peaks help law firm owners gain financial clarity, develop their firm vision, and design a strategy to catapult performance. Knowing that about 66 percent of businesses fail by the time they reach their 10 year anniversary, Silver Peaks’ vision is to help law firm owners avoid being a statistic by sharing their knowledge of successful financial strategies.  

Lead time:
4 weeks
Target type:
B2B / B2C

A redesign of their existing website to provide improved visual appeal, better user journeys with clearer calls to action, promoting Silver Peaks high end services. The ultimate aim was to lead users to convert by making an enquiry or engaging with their free content. 


Identify their key customer and design user journeys to lead those web visitors to the key conversion points. Additionally, design website styles and visuals that appeal to those customers as well as conveying the business’s image and tone of voice.  


We worked closely with the client to determine a visual style and layout for their accounting website design that met their requirements. We have since continued to work with the client to further improve the website, add new content, and improve the features.

What we did:

accounting web design