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Hels Bells Tents offer event concept planning and the installation of large luxury bell tent hotels or small camping solutions for their clients. They offer this service either at the client’s venue or at their 25-acre woodland. They cater for corporate events, sporting events, festivals, private parties, and weddings.

Lead time:
10 weeks
Target type:
B2C / B2B

Take away the manual work required by the client to manage events and bookings by automating these activities. Provide an interface for users to view, book and pay for stays at events. Provide a solution for booking onto private events with gated content. Provide a content management system for the client to manage their events, bookings, payments, and stock.


Design and build a brand-new website to promote Hels Bells Tents. To enable users to enquire about hosting events and to book onto existing ones. Design and develop a bespoke booking system which enables the client to create and manage events.


We worked closely with the client to get a deep understanding of their requirements for this project, how they currently manage events and bookings and to understand their business. This enabled us to design an interface for users to easily find and book onto public and private events managed by Hels Bells Tents. Once we understood the customer journey, we could continue to work with Hels Bells Tents to design a back end booking and content management system to run their business.

Since the first version of this project was released, we have since worked closely with the client to improve existing features and add new ones always ensuring we are providing the best possible solution to our client.

What we did:

Website design

When it comes to designing and building a solution to manage sales for any business a critical component is always the interface by which the end user interacts with that system.

The approach for this project was to make something that represented the fun and outdoors oriented nature of Hels Bells Tents. It’s down to earth and close to nature and the customers using the website needed to feel that.

In addition to the look and feel, we wanted the customer to have a simple and easy experience finding, booking, and paying for their space at an event. Hels Bells Tents clients are often looking to organise an event that is meaningful to them, like weddings and birthdays.  It was important all the user journeys and interfaces were easy to use, low friction and ultimately worry free. This frees up the customer to organise their big day!

Content management

Not all solutions are off the shelf. Sometimes you need to make something new to meet requirements and solve problems.

We knew that the booking system, content management, stock and order management needed a bespoke solution to give the client exactly what they needed to run their business effectively. This enabled more freedom and creativity to build not only something unique but a system that would provide exactly what the customer needed.

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