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Global Transform supports CEOs and their Executive teams in catalysing business through technology. A client centric organisation, Global Transform focuses on international FTSE and Fortune firms, crystallising leapfrog strategy, acceleration digitisation and balancing effective enterprise operations to deliver top quartile results.

Lead time:
3 months
Target type:
  • Establish a firm online presence
  • Bespoke WordPress website design
  • Full branding package
  • Onsite SEO work

Our initial research showed us that a branded WordPress website would be the best way to proceed with this project.

We worked closely with the owner of the business to establish the core objective and make sure that the solutions could be delivered within the desired timeframe.

What we did:

Branding and Identity

We worked with an external personal branding consultant to help shape the brand and convey the client in the best possible manner by focusing on her expertise working with c-suite executives and teams. The desired colour palette was navy blue and gold and we created a striking new logo incorporating a globe and stylised lettering in gold which really popped against the navy-blue background.

Establishing a Digital Presence

Establishing a strong online presence is something that Yellow Moose have extensive knowledge of. Equipped with this knowledge, we were able to assist with the structure of the content, allowing the website to constructed in a methodical manner. The information was displayed in a clear and concise way, with the intended target audience in our minds throughout the development of the site. Relevant calls to action have been added in to encourage enquiries and lead website visitors towards desired outcomes.

New Media

Part of the ongoing development work has been to create a podcast library within the site, and to promote the selling of the business owner’s book. New landing pages were created for each of these, allowing the new media content to be easily discovered from search engines. In addition, the business owner has featured regularly as a guest writer on Forbes as well as articles regularly being written about her. It was paramount that the media links were kept up-to-date to reflect these changes in such a dynamic space.

corporate web design
corporate web design