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Financial Care Solutions is an independent financial planning advisor for individuals and families that helps secure their financial futures. They work with clients and families on benefits checks, funding care needs, investment planning, inheritance tax planning and I work with legal colleagues on Wills, Power of Attorney and establishing and managing Trusts for clients.

Lead time:
1 month
Target type:

Re-organise content and redesign website

  • Modern web design solution
  • Systematic structure to website content
  • Incorporation of Calendly booking feed

With the existing site being a little dated in design and functionality, we saw this as an opportunity to bring in a twist of modern. It was essential that be brought in more calls to action to help drive traffic towards the desired conversions. It was also vitally important that the website resonated with intended audience and that the jump to a more modern look and feel didn’t put people off engaging with the business.

What we did:

Colour Palette Additions

The existing colour scheme was established, so to ensure the brand remained recognisable to existing clients. We added a strong highlight colour to encourage engagement with the calls to action and to enable important text to be clearly visible.

Enabling Skim Reading

We utilised headers and short snippets of text to allow website visitors to skim-read the page. Along with these icons and imagery were also incorporated to provide visual references to the subject of the text. Together, this enables crucial information about the services to be quickly found by the website visitor quickly.

Encouraging Interactions

The website’s goal is to drive people towards booking discovery calls, or paid calls. The pages contain calls to action that progress the customers journey and drive them towards the end goal – scheduling a call through the Calendly integration.

Migration and SEO Impact

The existing blog posts were migrated across from the existing site. Redirects were put in place for the old URLs to ensure no website traffic was lost during the rebuild. In addition, the meta titles and tags were migrated over and improved upon where necessary to ensure the best possible position within search engine results.


A one-to-one online website training session was conducted to explain the basics on running and managing the content of the site. The training focused on the maintenance of the content as well as the creation of new pages and posts, giving our client full control over the information displayed on the site.

financial planner web design
financial planner web design