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Willis Flowers, is a 4th Generation family business with more than 50 years experience in providing first class floristry and flowers to Stony Stratford, an original market town steeped in history, Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas.

Having started selling mainly fruit and vegetables with flowers as a side line as the generations have worked their way up through the company the flowers have increased their place in our business to where we are concentrating 100% on flowers but as times are ever changing, so we are changing too.

Lead time:
1 month
Target type:
WordPress / WooCommerce
  • After a rebrand, Willis Flowers needed a new website that was carried out their new visual identity.
  • The website also needed to simplify the customer journey.
  • Careful implementation of the visual identity across all areas of the site.
  • Systematic site structure
  • No distraction checkout



The design of any e-commerce store needs structuring carefully. By working closely together with the team at Willis Flowers, we were able to streamline the customer journey by categorising the products into specific categories and sub-categories. The structure allowed a simple design whereby users could simply find what type of flowers they were looking for, while people browsing were still presented with a range of options.

A simple three step checkout was produced that allowed distraction free entry of personal information. This increased the overall conversion rate of the website, with a higher percentage of people completing their purchase.


What we did: