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Track and Wheel Heritage is the foremost restoration firm dealing with WW2 era British vehicles in the world.

They offer vehicle servicing, refurbishment and restoration, vehicle and artillery acquisition and sales, film and TV work, historical consultancy, tank and aero works as well as vehicle storage.

Lead time:
3 months
Target type:
  • Create a visually appealing website
  • More interactive elements on the site
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • We used the existing brand, along with visuals and colour scheme to create a clean and modern website with a simple navigation system.
  • Animation and interactive sections of the site were created to add more visual appeal.
  • The website was designed from a mobile first perspective to give mobile device users the best experience.

Track and Wheel were referred to us by an existing client for a full website redesign. They have several years worth of photos tracking the refurbishment and restoration of the vehicles that they worked.

What we did:

Reimagining the site

The previous site did not make the use of the new imagery, so working out which elements to incorporate into the website design allowed us to visually communicate the services that Track and Wheel offer.

As an established company,  utilising the existing visual brand, including fonts and colour scheme was important to show continuity to their existing client base. By working with these existing elements, we were able to create a refined site that is visually appealing and extends their visual identity.

Animated Tanks

Some of the high quality imagery was taken and cut out from the background allowing these to be animated as the user scrolls through the page. This added to the visual appeal of the website and gives a wow factor to these sections.

Interactive Photos

With a plethora of images to choose from, selecting the best images that represented the service that they provide. We used heavy vignetting on the photos and desaturated the colour to create a photo that was representative of the period from which the vehicles came from. These return to full colour when you hover over, adding a subtle interactive element, while keeping inline with the existing brand.

Website Training

We provided WordPress training for the Track and Wheel team so that they can update and keep fresh content on the site, whilst we manage and maintain the technical aspects of hosting the website with our managed hosting.

vehicle web design
vehicle web design