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The Grant Foundation help underprivileged groups within society come together to learn from each other building learning environments and encouraging knowledge and recognising learning applied for societal good, because together we are a powerful force for growth and prosperity in the world.

Lead time:
1 months
Target type:

Engage partners and establish a digital presence for the foundation


We have worked with several charities, so we quickly understood what the foundation was about and how the service we were to provide could look. After some initial sketches for the logo, we built out a solid brand and continued to develop this brand for use across multiple platforms. We went with a dark background to help make the gold of the logo pop out.

What we did:


Our client really wanted a brand that resonated with their target audience and to incorporate a globe into the design to demonstrate the global nature of the foundation.


The website was not heavy on content, so conveying their message clearly and accurately was paramount to the success of the project. The simple one-page layout allows the user to flow naturally from one section to the other explaining what the Grant Foundation is and their core beliefs.


Photography work was carried out to enhance the visuals of the site at Cambridge University. These help to compliment the overall look and feel of the site, showing the founders as warm and welcoming individuals. The prestigious buildings in the background allude to the foundation’s beginnings, being Cambridge University alumni.

foundation web design
foundation web design