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The Royal Latin School, based in Buckingham, had a number of websites which it wanted to bring together with a fresh, modern, and easy to navigate new school website. The site had to be coherent in bringing together all the previous content, and contain a content management system to enable key members of staff at the school to update new content regularly. The site crucially had to enable information to be found quickly.

Lead time:
6 months
Target type:
Wordpress / WooCommerce

Collate several websites into one and add an online store functionality

  • Design and build of fresh website
  • Intuitive search functionality
  • Creation of templates to build out pages
  • E-commerce platform implemented

Working closely with the school, Yellow Moose presented a choice of web design options in order to meet the brief. The visuals brought together the important elements from the previous websites, whilst working to reduce duplicate content, and create a clear brand identity look and feel. The chosen school web design ensured the new website is visually appealing, functional, mobile enabled and, most importantly, easy to navigate.

New stock photography was required to complement the new site, and this was arranged and co-ordinated through us. The photography was shot to enable images to be used across other forms of media, including social media, the school prospectus, and other printed material. This will help to provide consistent branding across all of the Royal Latin School’s communications.

Our copywriter also provided copywriting and editing services to bring together all of the written content on the website. A consistent tone of voice ensures that the messages come across clearly and the information is easy to read and digest.

What we did:

Website Development and Website Training

The school website was designed and built on budget. A key part of the build was to create and build a custom app which allowed a section of the site to be managed from the school’s Google calendar. This saves a considerable amount of administration time for the school.

A training session was delivered on the content management system (CMS) to key members of staff who are responsible for updating the content of the school’s website on an ongoing basis. At this face-to-face training session a comprehensive CMS manual was also supplied to support the staff when updating content. The training ensures that staff are familiar with the CMS system, how it works and can regularly update content easily.


School Prospectus Design

Following the successful launch of the Royal Latin School website, we have become a preferred supplied for the school’s website development and graphic design work. We have redesigned the school prospectus, and branding for their Latin Learning.


E-commerce Store

As part of the school’s fundraising efforts to celebrate turning 600 years old they carried out a variety of fundraising activities to raise money for the development of new buildings, including a science centre, an all-weather sports pitch and upcoming arts centre. Part of the efforts involved building a simple e-commerce store to sell branded items to students, parents and alumni. The store featured several items, including the chance to buy a lottery ticket for the new all-weather football pitch.

school web design
school web design